Machinekit and Additive PCB Manufacturing

Last week I wrote a post about how I use Machinekit with velocity extrusion and its pressure adjustment to make parts without the blobs (or at least less blobs).

Another thing that's easy to do with this configuration is the making of G-code programs from scratch. And really, just like Scratch, put the pen down, put the pen up type of programming.

See the picture below how easy it is to experiment and verify ideas. I've tensioned 2 wires (0.10 and 0.15 mm) of enamelled copper over a mirror and covered them with PLA.

Covering of enamelled copper wire

It's a wish of me to have a device that can print PCB's, but not wit conductive materials, but with good old copper. Like the traces on a real PCB. But instead of making this by removing (etching) all the copper and making a lot of unfriendly waste we could make a device which puts the wire just in front of the nozzle.

You can then also have multi-multi-layer PCB's... How's that? There's no software for this yet, but that should not stop us now. :)

I'm working to finish my device for keeping the wire just in front of the nozzle, rotating in the direction of movement as the nozzle progresses. Also I need to add some functionality to LinuxCNC (calculating the angle of the slew drive from the nozzle movement vector). That will take some days and I'll show you how it works when it's finished.

Here is the movie of the actual covering of the 2 wires.
update: see this post how you can lay down wire in a pattern