There and back again :-)

Last post of this working week. I'm back home, with an arrival party meeting me at the train station on my return.

The travel from Schiphol to Varsseveld took almost longer than the trip from the hotel to Aberdeen airport. There was no service between Utrecht and Arnhem because of an accident. So that meant I had to stay in the train to 's Hertogenbosch, after that taking the train to Arnhem for the connection to Varsseveld. As my taxi driver would say: "Aye, it's absolutely mental!" (do the right intonation here).

Another phrase I liked from him: "If i'd done something wrong when I was a kid I'd get a properĀ bollocking! Ye know what I mean???" (We were talking about teachers being "bollocked" by parents when their kid had done something wrong instead of it being the other way around). I like this nuanced phrase.

Looking back it was a good week. I experienced good preparation from both sides pays off. Working with the Scotsmen is like working with "Achterhoekers" and "Twentenaren". No nonsense, hard working and having a laugh. Scotland is beautiful, and the taxi driver told me that if I was to be back later (not decided yet) than the country would be more green.

Now I'm going to relax and enjoy the weekend.