First the thing I promised to write about: Deserts. Yesterday desert was "Sticky Toffee Pudding Served with Toffee Sauce and Butterscotch Ice Cream". Today and the day before yesterday I had "Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cherries in Red Wine"... need I say more?

Today was a day that I was attending casting of grouting (cement). I did not do a lot physically today. Not disappointed about that since I am experiencing aching muscles after last nights hammering M24 bolts. I didn't know I had that much muscles in unexpected places like my toes.

I talked with Carrie, Simon and Lucas when I returned in the hotel this afternoon. Although I like doing this job/project, I am also looking forward to friday afternoon when I will be back home.

I like Scotland and the no-nonsense way around here. It's relaxing to sit in the hotel bar, eating your dinner, reading a book, listening to "old" music (Bagpipes, John Denver, the Bee-gees, the Proclaimers), drinking a Scotch Whiskey and just not having to do anything at all.

When I went to the toilet I suddenly
experienced a great cold. This could be the "Green Lady" (according to a colleague, every castle in Scotland is haunted by a Green Lady) or maybe this time of year it's just the cold of the castle. I now understand why there are so many carpets everywhere.

There are also a lot of tiny things that are different. Cars drive on the left. Which is quite unsettling if you are in the passenger seat (left) where you are used to having a steering wheel in front of you. When opening the door to my room the lock is to be turned right while turning the door handle to the left. Maybe something specific with my door, but I still haven't got used to it. Cold water on the left, instead of on the right....

Going to read some more, under blankets which do what they need to do. Keeping me warm. I have had blankets not doing their job in past hotels. Not so now... Excellent blankets.


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