On my way to Schiphol

So, here I am, in the train, travelling from Varsseveld to Schiphol. Surprised by the internet available in the train (meaning I do not have to tether to my phone).

Today was very early, leaving home at 5:15. The funny thing I noticed while sitting on the bench waiting for the train was that the entire world is enormously quit... Until approx. 5:30 when suddenly a lot of car are on the move.

This week I am going on a trip for work. I am going to help installing preparations for equipment in the vicinity of Aberdeen, Scotland. I am flying back on friday march 1st.

I am looking forward doing this. In the past I have made many trips to the south of France (Toulouse vicinity) with not always good news. Add a pretty big language barrier to this (technical french is something else compared to the "Bonjour, ├ža va?" french of high school) and you'll understand these trips could be frustrating.

So, now I'm on the train expecting to have a week of hard working, but in the same time having a lot of fun doing a job/assignment that (I hope) is not going to be as frustrating as the trips I made for work in the past.

I am curious to see if I have the same opinion of my trip on friday as I have today so I will try to update during the week.


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