My stay in the Hotel

After arriving monday (yesterday) in Aberdeen it took approximately 50 minutes to get from the airport to the job site and hotel. This is the hotel I am staying in. Nice??? Yessss!!! I can see the driveway when I open the curtains in the morning.

Yesterday was a long day because of the early travel. Today was a long day because a lot had to be done. Without getting into details I can say that for this installation there will be some M24 bolts that are being anchored in the ground with chemical anchors. That means drilling holes of ΓΈ28 240 mm long before putting the glass with the chemical (20 cm long) in the newly made hole. If the hole is not straight then it will break before it's meant to. Also the treaded rod M24 will put up a fight. So because they did't fit nicely we were forced to use bigger hammers. I will have aching muscles in the morning.

Now the hotel:

It's a real castle, with carpets on the floor, high rooms, stairs up- and down in the hallways. Bar with couch where you can eat. In fact, I m writing this before soup (yesterday lentils, today chicken-mushroom). Next will be (yesterday "seared breast of pheasant") "seared highland venison". I'll update on the dessert later because I haven't made a choice yet and have forgotten what I had yesterday.



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