Before flying back

Tomorrow I'll fly back to Schiphol. I'm being picked up by Taxi at 6:30 in the morning. My flight is at 8:55. I hope to be back at home early in the afternoon.

I have had a good time here. The Scots are very friendly. At home if somebody speaks dialect, I can manage and know most of what is being said. But here, if there is a Scottish contractor or employee telling me something in Scottich (because he/she forgets I only know English) I have to tell them: "Sorry, I don't understand, could you repeat that please?". Then they understand and it gets easier for me.

This evening I talked to an Suid Afrikaanse guy. Funny to meet someone that if you speak in Dutch he can understand and if he talks Suid Afrikaans it rings a bell. I understand, but not for the full 100%. We gossiped and In the end we concluded that the Dutch and the Suid Afrikanen are very direct in dealing with others. I don't pretend to know how many other nationalities deal with themselves and us, but I think we sometimes indeed are a little too direct. So beware for the future!

That was the serious note for today. Please note that we each had a Scottish Whiskey (last one for me this week). I'm going to pack my suitcase (determine what's dirty and what's not) and look forward to tomorrow when I'll be back with Carrie and the apes.


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